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    Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita-Nishant Rakesh get into a scuffle with Bapat, the matter has reached to abuse, watch the video

    Mumbai: The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, ‘Sunday Ka Bar’, was funny. On the show, Bollywood actor Ronit Roy and actress Richa Chadda came to promote their upcoming web series ‘Candy’. This time, both of them talked about their web series. He then played games with family members. In this game, he gave sinful candy to family members. This candy was a different ritual. Among them were several candies such as greed candy, violence candy, cheater candy and pride candy.

    All the contestants gave each other these candy tags in turn. Contestant Divya Agarwal got Love Candy, Violence Candy and Chitar Candy. Milind Gaba got lazy candy. Symbols and letters got angry candy. Shamita Sethi got arrogant and influential candy. Candy was given to Neha Vasin. Almost all the contestants got different candies.

    Shamita Sethi did not like arrogant and influential candy tags. He fought with Nishant Bhatt for this and also reprimanded Rakesh Bapat. The producers have shared a video of the ‘Sunday Ka Bar’ episode. This shows a heated argument between Nishantha Bhatt and Shamita. In the video, Nishant Bhatt is seen saying, “She thinks of herself as the ice queen and the way I use Rakesh makes me feel arrogant.”

    After that, he put the arrogant candy tag around his neck. Then Shamita gets angry at Rakesh (Shamita Rakesh video). She tells him, “He told me I dominated you, you shut up.” And he throws out his tag. Later, there is a heated argument between Nishantha and Shamita in the makeup room. Both come in the morning. Seeing all this, Rakesh Bapat also got angry and he told Nishant to be quiet. But Nishantha and Shamita are not silent.

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