Monday, December 11, 2023

    Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Agarwal and Muz Jatana fight, Nishant Bhatt upset over their connection

    The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ features a heated fight between Muz Jatana and Divya Agarwal. The fight started after ‘Letter Task’. During the task, Divya listened to Moose and Pratik about the tactic and stopped talking about it as soon as she entered the room. Divya tries to warn her friend Nishant Bhatt about this, but Nishant tells her that they know what they are talking about.

    However, later when the work is over and all the family members are seen to be resting, Muz rebukes Divya for trying to create a rift between them. Muz tells Divya that he always pushes everyone and tries to create fights between people. During the fight, Muj said that Nishantha told him that Divya was inciting him (Nishantha) to play against him.

    Divya was working in the kitchen at the time and was shocked by Moose’s aggressive and rude behavior. Divya tells Musa to calm down and tries to present his side. But Muj was not in the mood to listen to her and continued to misbehave with Divya. Later, Divya gets annoyed and calls Musk an ‘unsafe bit **’. Soon a quarrel broke out between them and Muz told Divya that there was no connection in their house. Muz says, “You go from one place to another and slap your face.”

    Divya loses her coolness and says that if she comments about her character again, she will slap her. Just then Nishantha is seen taking Divya’s side, which makes their fight even more intense. Nishantha asked Musa why he was throwing her away during the war if she told him something beyond belief. He told them to fight Divya over their words and not to pull between them. Pratik and Neha support Moz and Neha also says something against Divya.

    Later, Nishantha Milind tells Gaba that he is upset with Mooz and his behavior and that he is not on the game show to show him the baby. He further added that Moz has a soft angle for the symbol and it has never been a problem, so why is he ruining his friendship with Divya.

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