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    Akshara Singh Bigg Boss OTT Dolaya, Bigg Boss’s Room

    Akshara Singh was the popular heroine of Bhojpuri film. The song Akshara of your acting skills is also very good in the TV industry. Chukal Barry Orio became his hobby, often with his Gaval songs being published on digital platforms. The name of the letter was also surrounded by controversy, you should not hesitate to say in your mind, no one will come late. E is very good at their qualities and also benefits Ari. However, he became popular after Big Boss became a member of the OTT house. When Akshara left, she also became Boss Lady. Currently, on the show, Akshara’s Bollywood singer Neha Vasin is seen in Bol Thol V Bhai Bale. There was a big headline in the media about Jakra. Acre promo avate log apan apan rai banwat or. Now, for the sake of the blank camera, the mold in the middle of knowing Dunun after Chilam Chile, eh uh people know the rest of the Hamara Jaisen viewer’s isan content is not Cabo Luvela.

    Bigg Boss has burned the very hit and controversial showroom in the history of television. Often every year a new season makes Avela Ori a member of her household with the controversial face of the past year. The member who lived in the house of Bigg Boss told Bigg Boss, okr dihal task karela Auri unnecessarily controversial discussion so that the drama comes to the show, media headlines and the show’s rating on the TRP chart increases… eventually the show will become more and more Ori channel. Meet more ads, meet sponsors and do business. Who is this target or who is this show?

    For the past 15 years, e-TV has been flying the flag. Viewers are watching the new season coming from Karala Ahi. Host Salman Khan. Bakil eh beri show vile bate change.

    Eh Berry Bigboss OTT Ail Ba Jeker Host Badane Famous Film Producer-Director Karan Johar Aaye Stream Kyle Zala on Voot Select’s OTT. Voot is Colors TV’s digital platform. Here Big Boss OTT eh is launched with the promise that people will be able to see their favorite competitors 24 hours a day. The e-show can be viewed in one hour format, e-stream 24 × 7, hoi auri dekhal. eh OTT wala show concept e ba ki eh mein 6 go lika auri 7 go likei bhail baali auri ego contestants are involved in the show vail baate juti. Acre’s tagline ‘Stay Connected’ means ‘Join Together’. After spending weeks and weeks joining the pair, Auri appeared on the show Dihal Ja Rahal Task Ke Kar Ke Baat. Viewers could watch live footage 24 hours a day, with Isan Nike or TV account Okra empty edited and highlighted content. The power of nomination, punishment and report card in the hands of the viewers in this Berry show. Acker means Big Boss or in Viewer Eh Berry Show. Eh show a berry and more interesting banawal gile ba. Aa acre effect also laukat ba, ba great popularity among people.

    Apart from Akshara Singh, Bhojpuri stars will also appear in Bigg Boss. In the past several gossips, Bhojpuri star people have noticed the aisle of Auri or Auri Apan Desi style. See, it’s said that they can entertain newcomers when you don’t teach for fun. Otherwise, if Kehu made fun of language and culture in his jokes, he would have gone a long way. Ego problem here with Bhojpuri star log or. You have made jokes about Karala people, Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri people have made a laughing stock of the society, we are not good enough.

    Well, Khesari Lal Yadav will be in the 13th edition of Bigg Boss in 2019. Although he did not last long, people liked him a lot because of his simple nature. However, on the show, people make fun of them by saying who is Bada Tang V Ki who is their mana, who is Sanch Kahin Tha Hamara Bada Bezain Lagal. The Bhojpuria jawans did not extinguish the slaves of the western civilization by one glory after another. Let the rest go.

    In the first season of Bigg Boss, superstar Ravi Kisan is looking good and may even be a runner-up. Item dancer Sambhav Seth was very controversial in the second season for the sake of good luck. Folk musician Ori Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari discussed the fight with Dolly Bindra in the fourth edition. In the same season, actress Shweta Tiwari also appeared on the Rahali J Bijita Banali show. In Season In, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua Gayle Rachelin A Uhan looks like a popular rickshaw puller. His fame grew after this show. In the tenth season, Bhojpuri actress Monalisa married her boyfriend Vikrant Singh in Bigg Boss.

    Currently, Big Boss OTT will now become the traditional themed TV version of Big Boss, then watch the journey ahead of the characters. For now, congratulations and best wishes to Akshara.

    (Author Manoj is a fan of Bhojpuri literature and film.)

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