Friday, December 9, 2022

    Uttar Pradesh’s first natural museum is being set up in Lucknow, where endangered animals will be on display

    Report: Anjali Singh Rajput

    The first museum in Uttar Pradesh is being set up in Lucknow, where real animals, not fake ones, will be on display. Yes, a new museum is being set up at the Lucknow Zoo just behind the State Museum. Which is being built on 2 acres of land and it is happening. The specialty of this museum, which was built at a cost of around Rs. 22 crore, is that the preserved bodies of endangered animals will be displayed in this museum.

    There will be five galleries

    The museum will have 5 galleries. There will be three floors. Demos of dinosaurs will also be placed here so that children can get information in addition to books. Touch and fill program will be organized for those who cannot speak or hear. Through which the children will touch the body of all the animals and will be informed about the skin of any animal.

    Starting in 2023

    Anand Kumar Singh, director of the state museum, said that the state museum was proposed in 2019 and will be ready and open to the public by March 2023. Preparations are in full swing. It has been built at a cost of crores of rupees.


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