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    The in-laws used to trouble her for not having children, then the woman did this ‘wrong’ thing

    Aditya Kumar/Noida. Even after three years of marriage in the city, if there is no child, the in-laws start taunting her. The matter reached such a level that the woman was threatened to be thrown out of the house. Fed up with the daily squabbles, the woman takes action that lands her behind bars.

    A week ago, a case of theft of a newborn baby from the ESI Hospital of Sector 24 police station in Noida came to light. Noida DCP Harish Chandra said that the police resolved the matter on Thursday. The child was also rescued and handed over to relatives. A woman named Roni has also been arrested by the police.

    Child theft from hospital due to lack of child
    DCP Harish Chandra said, a week ago a woman named Ishrat gave birth to a son. Someone took her newborn from ESI hospital. After investigating the incident, the police arrested a woman named Roni. During interrogation, Rani said that she got married to Shaukat about three years ago. After three years of marriage, she had no children. Because of this, the in-laws used to annoy him. They were threatened with eviction. That is why he stole the child.

    The case was opened after scanning 300 CCTV cameras
    Noida’s ADCP Shakti Awasthi said the accused woman said she had two miscarriages after marriage. He was annoyed by this. She said at home that her baby is about to be born and she is enrolled in ESI, so she was already roaming here. According to the ADCP, more than 300 CCTV cameras were scanned to crack the case. Rony was sent to jail on Thursday. At the same time, the police said that if the accused woman complains, action may be taken against her in-laws.


    First Published: Jun 01, 2023, 23:19 IST

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