Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    Munger note robbery gang busted, 2 criminals arrested from hotel, Rs 1.82 lakh recovered

    Arun Kumar Sharma/Munger. Note doubling gang exposed in Bihar’s Munger. Kotwali Thana police arrested two members of this gang and recovered valid and fake notes from them. Both the accused are being interrogated by the police. A double note business was going on in a hotel in the city. The members of the banknote piracy gang used to lure people and cheat them. Innocent people used to lose themselves financially by getting involved in the demonetisation ring.

    Superintendent of Police (SP) JJ Reddy said that the Kotwali police station received intelligence that members of a note doubling gang were running a cheating game in the name of doubling notes in a hotel in the city. ) Then a team was formed for the operation under the leadership of Kotwali Police Station President. The hotel was raided with the district information unit and raiding team. Police have arrested two persons here, Naresh Kumar resident of Lakhisarai and Dinesh Kumar Sah resident of Munger.

    He said that during the search, the police recovered many objectionable items related to the business of extorting notes from the hotel room. This includes valid and fake notes.

    Common people used to get caught in the tricks of note brokers

    The SP said that apart from Rs 1,82,500, paper packets and gutkas of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 and note-sized plain paper were recovered from the hotel room. The members of this gang used to trap people and give them double fake notes instead of real notes. With real money, people were handed a bundle of paper with a note on top and a block of plywood on the bottom. When people open the bundle later, they come to know that they have been cheated.

    The businessman used to give real notes to those who were caught as fake. Being genuine, the notes were easily traded in the market. Then people would trust them and fall into their traps and incur financial losses.

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