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    Mumbai murder: Hunter searched the net for ideas to remove stench from Saraswati’s dead body


    Manoj Sane was searching the internet on how to remove the stench from dead bodies and hide them
    After the incident, the entire campus is eerily silent, people are not going out to walk in fear
    Police are probing every aspect, have recorded the statements of many

    Mumbai. The brutal killing of live-in partner Saraswati Vaidya in her flat in Akashdeep Building on Mira Road in Mumbai has shocked the entire nation. The police are interrogating the murder accused Manoj Sane and many important facts are emerging. After killing Saraswati, 56-year-old Manoj Sane planned to dispose of her body. For this, he collected information online about ways to remove stench from corpses. Police officials said they found Internet search history from Sun’s phone, which is surprising.

    Earlier, during the interrogation, the accused Manoj Sane had told about buying an electric cutting machine for dismembering the body, with which he cut Saraswati’s body into small pieces and boiled it in Nilgiri oil. The shopkeeper from where the machine was bought also came forward and said to repair the blade of the machine.

    Keep boiling the bones in oil to remove the smell
    According to police sources, Sane also used eucalyptus oil to prevent the stench of dead bodies. For this he bought five vials of oil. During the investigation, the police seized several items from the apartment, including cutting machines, oil bottles and curd containers such as spoons, buckets, brass pots and a home cooker.

    Police are looking into every aspect
    In this incident, the police recorded the statements of eight to 10 people. The police are taking every aspect related to this incident seriously and are leaving no stone unturned to give strict punishment to the accused. A picture of Vaidya was also recovered from Sun’s phone, showing bruises on her body. The motive behind this picture is still not clear.

    Eerie silence on campus, stunned residents
    After this horrific incident, the entire campus is shrouded in eerie silence as many shocking secrets are coming out. Pratap Aswal, secretary of the society said, “The residents here are still shocked and afraid to move. The stench is still felt in the campus and now we are sanitizing the entire campus.

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