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    Brutality: Slits throat with thermocouple cutter, then hides brother’s body in sack, informs police of motive for murder


    This incident of brutal murder is in the fort of Chhattisgarh.
    The police have arrested the accused after investigating the incident
    The accused confessed his crime

    the castle Can a brother kill another brother, beheading his brother… Usually this question will not be answered but one such murder case has come to light from Chhattisgarh where a brother killed his brother. He was also brutally killed. When the police start unraveling the mystery of the blind murder case, the whole thing comes to light.

    The incident happened in Durg where the police have unraveled the mystery of the blind murder that took place in Bodegaon village under Nandani police station. In this case, the police have arrested the accused Amarnath Yadav, who is said to be the younger brother of the deceased. Accused stated that the accused was upset because his parents used to beat him often under the influence of alcohol and that is why he hatched a plan to hide his own brother Rajendra Yadav. In this plan he kills her systematically. The accused first took his brother on a bike and reached Jamul Desi Bhatti from Khursipar, where he bought liquor and both drank heavily together.

    He committed the murder when his brother passed out after drinking alcohol. The accused first cut her throat with a thermocouple cutter. Thereafter, accused Amarnath returned to Khursipad and bought two plastic sacks and went back to the spot, where he cut the clothes of the deceased with cutters and left his body in the two sacks. The incident took place on March 24. It is to be noted that two days ago a rotting body was found in a secluded area of ​​Bodegaon village, since then the police are trying to unravel the mystery of the incident.

    The police checked the CCTV cameras of each visitor and contacted the villagers. After a thorough investigation, the police finally reached the accused. Durga SP Abhishek Pallav informed this information. In the interrogation, the accused Amarnath Yadav stated that the reason for the murder was ill-treatment with his parents and fighting while intoxicated. He told the police that such incidents were repeating due to which he was very sad and angry and planned to kill his brother.

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