Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    Blood in a sports fight, brother murdered hours before sister’s wedding, beer raised before Dolly

    Report – Rajeev Ranjan Subimal

    Jehanabad A brother’s beer has been picked up from the house from which the dolly will be picked up. This incident that turned the atmosphere of joy into mourning in a moment took place in Bihar’s Jehanabad district. Everyone in the house was busy preparing to welcome the procession, when a shot rang out and two were injured, one of them died.

    The whole incident took place in Aman village of Jehanabad where a firing incident took place around 7 pm on Saturday and two people were shot on one side, in which a youth named Subodh was killed, and two others were seriously injured. A seriously injured youth has been referred to PMCH in critical condition. According to the information received so far in the incident, a dispute arose during the playing of a cricket match and the incident took place due to that dispute.

    The dispute is not today, a few days ago, but the incident happened today, when everyone is busy preparing for the wedding. The deceased youth is Subodh Kumar and it was his cousin’s wedding. The wedding procession was supposed to arrive today, the preparations were going on, but in no time the atmosphere turned chaotic. The matter of the case is the president of Parsbigha police station. After receiving the information, the police started an investigation. The police say that the reason and truth of the incident will be known only after the investigation.

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