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    You have to play 7 matches in 20 days, the coach said – good players can’t play in every match

    Brisbane. Head coach Matthew Mott has hinted that the Australian women’s team will not be able to field their best XI in all matches against India (IND W v AUS W) due to playing seven international matches, including one Test in 20 days. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Covid-1 epidemic in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to the Indian team, 12 of Australia’s 18 players are going through a tough two-week quarantine. This day-night test is also to be held.

    Cricket.com.au reports that he will be allowed to train a week before the first ODI on September 21 in Mackay. The Indian team is not allowed to train during the two-week rigorous (in-room) quarantine. Matthew Mott’s s1. Referring to the team’s fast bowlers Alice Parry, Annabel Sutherland, Tyla Wlemink, Matlan Brown and Stella Campbell, who were in the room quarantine for two weeks, S SportsFMK said, ‘Our sports science people are justified in being nervous. Here he will not be allowed to bowl for 14 days and after that he will be part of a very busy schedule, so we have to keep the management of the players right.

    Work stress management should be kept in mind

    Mott made it clear that with work stress management in mind, not all top players will have the opportunity to play in every match. “Not all players can play in all matches,” he said. We have 18 players in our team and we have some young players. Experienced players will find a way to deal with it because they have experience and their bodies are somewhat stronger.

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    Trouble due to being in the middle of the test

    “But we have to be careful about young bowlers Darcy Brown, Tayla Wlemink, Matlan Brown,” said Matthew Mott. Australian fast bowler Sutherland is returning with a stress fracture in his upper leg, hamstring strain, Wlemink has injured his leg, knee and shoulder. “In an ideal situation, we would play Test matches at the end, so that the workload would gradually increase, but it’s happening in the middle,” he said. So we have to field different bowlers in different formats. The result will be that we will not be able to play our best team every match.

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