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    When Rahul Dravid asked Deepak Chahar, is it your real age or a cricketer’s?

    New Delhi. Indian fast bowler Deepak Chahar has revealed an interesting incident from his tour of Sri Lanka (India vs Sri Lanka). The young team recently toured Sri Lanka under the direction of Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid as the mainstream team was in the UK for the England Test. Deepak Chahar was also involved in the same tour and had a fun conversation with Rahul Dravid about his age. Chahar said that when he reached Sri Lanka, Dravid asked him about his age. When the cricketer told his age, the veteran cricketer told him what he was saying was the right age or what he put on the record. Saying this, Rahul made fun of Deepak Chahar during the Dravidian tour.

    Rahul Dravid pointed to the fact that many times cricketers lower their age on the record to enjoy their playing time more. However, Deepak Chahar further said that his father was in the Indian Air Force. In such a situation, he could not disguise his age. Deepak Chahar has revealed the whole incident on Akash Chopra’s YouTube channel. He said, “When we reached Sri Lanka, Rahul Dravid Sir asked me about my age. I told him he was 28 now and would be 29 soon. “

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    Deepak Chahar added, “Rahul Dravid said, ‘Is this your right age or the age of a cricketer?’ Then I told him that it was my right age, because my father was in the Air Force. He further said that whenever I have played under Dravid, I have always performed well.

    Chahar said that Rahul Dravid has shown a lot of faith in the young man and that is why he has always acted in his presence. In addition to performing with the ball, this UP cricketer has also shown his batting, which is why India won the ODI series.
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    “He (Dravid) also told me that I have 4-5 years of Test cricket. Those words are left to me. They always think of me as a Test bowler and choose me for a red ball match for India A. Whenever I captain him. “I’ve played under, I’ve always done well with both the bat and the ball. He knows my potential very well.”

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