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    IPL 2021: Unadkat, who has been playing for RR for 4 seasons, revealed – will be seen in a new incarnation in the UAE

    New Delhi. The second phase of IPL 2021, which was postponed in May due to corona epidemic, is going to start in UAE from September 19. Many teams and players have started practicing. One such fast bowler is Joydev Unadkat, who is playing for Rajasthan Royals this season. He has distanced himself completely from social media since the league was suspended and has done a lot to change his bowling action and will now be seen in a changed incarnation in the UAE.

    Unadkat said about his bowling that I wanted to do something with my bowling and divert a little attention. It’s always good if you can only spend some time with yourself and family, and not listen to what the outside world says about you. I think episodes like this help you a lot on many occasions. Even before that I was away from social media. So this is a normal process for me, which helps me to get inside myself and be honest. It gives me a chance to know my flaws, which is good.

    Unadkat took wickets in the first phase of IPL 2021
    This fast bowler of Rajasthan Royals started well in IPL 2021. He took 3 for 15 in the first match of the season against Delhi Capital. He spoke about his bowling and team performance in the first round of IPL 2021 before leaving for the United Arab Emirates. Unadkat said that for the team and me, the first episode of IPL 2021 in India started well. I was returning to the team for the match against Delhi Capitals, so I had to do well.

    I was quite satisfied with my bowling in the first round and would like to maintain the same form in the UAE. However, for this, I have changed a lot in my bowling. I hope it will be useful for the team in the UAE.

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    ‘Impact of change of action will be visible in UAE’
    This left-arm fast bowler told how he has improved his game in his spare time. According to Unadkat, I have done a lot of work on the technical aspects of my bowling. I also wanted to change my actions. So keeping himself away from social media, he worked on it the whole time. Because it takes a long time to change a verb. That is why I have put all my energy into it and hopefully the results will be available in the UAE. I will try to get quick wickets for the new ball team.

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    RR in 5th place in IPL 2021
    Unadkat took wickets for 113 runs in matches before IPL 2021 was postponed. On the other hand, if we talk about the performance of Rajasthan Royals, the team won in 7 out of 7 matches, while. T lost. The team was in 5th place in the points table. Rajasthan will play its first match in the second round of the league against Punjab Kings on September 21. This match will be in Dubai.

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