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    Ind vs Eng: Virat Kohli got angry after seeing this work of Hasib Hamid, watch the video

    New Delhi. On the first day of the Oval Test, Indian captain Virat Kohli was furious at a performance by England opener Hasib Hamid. The team went down to 191 in the first innings, then Rory Burns and Hasib Hamid went down to bat for England. While batting, Hamid ‘tempered’ the pitch with a guard. Hamid, identifying the guard outside the crease, rubbed the pitch with his shoes, forcing Kohli to speak to the umpire.

    When a batsman comes to the crease, he first takes his guard. Taking the guard means identifying the place where he wants to stand and face the ball. For this, batsmen sometimes make marks in that place with their feet or with the bat. However, it is forbidden to guard the batsman everywhere on the pitch. According to ICC rules, no batsman can make a mark even if he is feet0 feet away from the crease. The danger zone comes after a distance of 5 feet after the crease. Where batsmen are also forbidden to run.

    Most of the time bowlers bounce their balls in danger areas. Hasib Hamid was busy making a mark there while scraping this place with his feet, which Kohli did not like. Kohli also complained to the umpire. According to ICC rules, the umpire warns the batsman for the first time, if there is any rhythm on the pitch. The batsman’s runs are cut to repeat the mistake a second time.

    However, Hasib Hamid could not do much in the first innings of the Oval Test. He was the victim of Jaspreet Bumrah after dealing 12 balls without playing the book.

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