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    IND VS ENG: Jaspreet Bumrah used to work in Canada, he said – on the basis of mother’s abandonment …

    New Delhi. Jaspreet Bumrah’s bowling speaks louder in today’s world. Every opposition batsman is sure of Jaspreet Bumrah’s talent. Whatever the format, Jaspreet Bumrah is seen showing his strength. Jaspreet Bumrah has become a world-class bowler today due to his hard work, but his mother has also played a big role in impressing him. Jaspreet Bumrah in a conversation with Dinesh Karthik said how his mother made him so qualified and also revealed this fast bowler what would he have done if he was not a cricketer?

    Dinesh Karthik has interviewed Jaspreet Bumrah for Sky Sports. He questioned the early days of Jaspreet Bumrah. When Bumrah was very young, his father died. Dinesh Karthik asked him about his father. Although Bumrah said he doesn’t remember much about his father, he remembers every sacrifice his mother made.

    Bumrah reached from floor to floor because of his mother
    Jaspreet Bumrah said, ‘I was very young when my father died. I don’t remember much. I just remember my mother leaving. They have worked very hard and accepted their sacrifice. Mother Bumrah was the principal of the primary school of the school where she attended. In this regard, Bumrah said that he could not break the school. Bumrah said, ‘My mother was the principal of the primary school and I was a senior class student. But mother had many difficulties in becoming principal. I couldn’t bend the school. I would go to school with him. If I do something wrong, the report will reach my mother. These were all negative aspects but the positive aspect was that no one would mess with me or tease me.

    So did Bumrah work in Canada?
    Bumrah said that to build a career in cricket, his mother gave him time until graduation, otherwise he would have to go to Canada to build a career. “I have been in love with cricket since I was in fifth and sixth grade,” he said. But my mother had a job and she didn’t realize that a career could be made in cricket too. But I was sure that if I could do something in cricket, I could make it my profession. My mother gave me time to build a career in cricket after I passed 10th class. He said it was time until your graduation. Try what you want. If I don’t succeed, I have to go to Canada. In my first year of college, I started playing in the IPL and then got a place in the Indian team and today I am playing a series in England.

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