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    IND vs ENG: Gavaskar finds Kohli’s batting weakness, tells how to overcome it

    New Delhi. It is going to be two years for Virat Kohli to score a century. Now Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century has surpassed his century. Not that Virat hasn’t played a good innings in these two years. Absolutely played, but they can’t turn their good start into a century. Why is this happening after all? Sunil Gavaskar, an experienced batsman of his time, acknowledged Virat’s lack of batting. He not only stated the reason for this, but also how to overcome it.

    Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar is currently commenting on ‘Sony Ten’. He spoke in detail about Kohli’s batting on this channel. Gavaskar said many were citing Kohli as the reason for his dismissal as standing in the off-stump line or standing in front of his crease, which did not seem right. Kohli has scored thousands of runs while playing in this line, which avoids such criticism.

    Gavaskar then spoke of Kohli’s batting weakness, which has led to his repeated dismissals in recent times. Gavaskar said, “Kohli is trying to reach him by not letting the ball come close. He is repeatedly playing ball from a distance. Pushing his bat away towards the ball. That’s why the ball is going to the wicketkeeper or slip fielder with the edge of the bat and they are getting out despite a good start.

    The former captain said, ‘Virat Kohli’s quality is playing ball to the body. He has scored the most runs in this manner. Even if you go out playing your style, there is no harm in that. Any batsman misses playing shots. But teasing the ball away will be considered a deficit and needs to be addressed. It would be better for them to keep the ball away.

    Virat Kohli has managed just one half-century in five innings on the England tour (India vs England). He was out for 42 and 20, which is like missing a good start in a Test match. Speaking of centuries, Kohli scored his last century in November 2011. That is, they are away from the 100-run mark for about 21 months. Let us tell you that the emperor of the century Sachin Tendulkar also got thirsty many times by the figure of 100 runs. It took him more than a year to reach his 99th to 100th century.

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