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    County Cricket: 11 players could not get the last batsman out together! Match draw; The video has gone viral

    Southampton. County cricket has seen an exciting match. 46 balls were left to play and only one wicket was left. At the last minute, Yorkshire put 11 fielders, including the bowler, close to the batsman. But they didn’t get the last player out and thus Hampshire not only drew the match, but also got important points. A video of this match is also going viral.

    Hampshire got a 3-run target on the last day of the four-day match. But the team lost 9 wickets for 177 runs. It seemed that the team would lose the match. But Kyle Abbott (9 *) and Brad Will (0 *) put together a great partnership to save the team from defeat. Both did not allow the wicket to fall in the last 46 balls. Abbott took a total of 51 runs and Wiley faced 22 balls. The team scored 177 for 9 in the second innings.

    Balls got just one wicket

    Hampshire lost 8 wickets for 159 runs in 98.3 overs at one point in the second innings. Even then, there were 99 ball games left for the day. In such a situation it seemed that the team would lose the match. But the last two pairs struggled and drew the match. Abbott and Keith Barker () played 5 balls for the ninth wicket. Yorkshire bow bow tried in the second inning. But they could not win the match.

    Knightwatchman played 197 balls

    On the third day of the match, Hampshire sent Mason Crane as a nightwatchman. He proved to be the most important batsman for the team in the second innings. He tackled 197 balls and scored 28 runs. He was the batsman to play the most balls for the team in the second innings.

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