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    Ashes 2021: Moin Ali and Alastair Cook clash on live show! Find out why there was a quarrel between the two

    New Delhi. The fourth Test of the Ashes series between England and Australia is being played in Sydney. England have already lost 3 Tests and lost the series. Meanwhile, a video of a fight between two England players Moin Ali and former captain Alastair Cook on a live show is going viral. In fact, they are both working as experts in the Ashes series for BT Sport. The two got into a scuffle during a live show on the same channel.

    The joke started in the absence of the coach Joe Root The players were assisting in the net session before the Sydney Test. Alastair Cook has never helped players like this when he was captain. That’s when the quarrel between Cook and Moin Ali started.

    England all-rounder Moin Ali Mentioning himself, he taunted Cook that his management was not good. Cook said Joe Root had dropped Moin more times than he had. Ali defended Root in this regard, saying that Cook placed him 1 to 9 everywhere in the batting order.

    Root’s behavior is more friendly: Moin Ali
    Moin added that Root has a lot more emotional connection with the players as a captain. He spends a lot of time with the players. Cook gets angry and asks Moin if you are just criticizing my captaincy. Ali also did not remain silent on the matter. He replied that yes, you can believe. “I did well with the bat under Cook’s captaincy,” Moin added. Where the ball was good at hand captaining the route.

    Cook and Moin Ali clash over route
    “I must say I never left Moin,” Cook said. So he can criticize me if he wants. But Moin can tell how many times Root has left you? As soon as Cook said this, Moin became angry and said it was true. But you used to bat me number 1 to 9 in the first year of international cricket.

    In this regard, Cook has made it clear that I am trying to find your rightful role in the team. However, Moin also praised Cook.

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    ‘Cook cared about the players’,
    “It’s true that Root blends in more with the players,” he said. But that doesn’t mean Cook didn’t pay attention to the players. Simply put, Root believes in putting his hands on the players’ shoulders.

    We tell you that Moin Ali has been retained by Chennai Super Kings before IPL 2022. He will get 6 crore rupees as salary.

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