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    STOCK TIPS: The brokerage house has recommended 4 stocks with fundamentally strong buys, target prices say


    Sharekhan has given a target price of Rs 181 for shares of Ashok Leyland.
    Sharekhan has given a target of Rs 850 for Ramco Cement.
    Mahindra Logistics shares are also recommended to buy.

    New Delhi. People who are new to investing in the stock market may think that it is not easy to make money in the market. This is also true to a large extent. But if you look at the fundamentals and invest in good stocks, it is not very difficult to make money in the market. Big investors invest in fundamentals after examining quarterly results and year-over-year net profit.

    Since understanding fundamentals is not for every investor, there are companies or brokerage firms that tell you the fundamentals of various companies from time to time. Along with this, he also suggests investing in a stock and also informs the target price of the stock. But before investing in any share in the stock market it is better to consult a certified advisor.

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    Sharekhan recommends these stocks

    Today we are talking about four stocks recommended by Sharekhan, a major brokerage firm in India. The firm has given buy recommendations and targets on four stocks. These three stocks include Ashok Leyland, Ramco Cement, Bank of Baroda and Mahindra Logistics.

    Sharekhan has given a target price of Rs 181 for Ashok Leyland. On Thursday, Ashok Leyland’s stock fell on the NSE. The stock closed down 1.55 percent at 145.90. The firm said that although Ashok Leyland’s quarterly results did not meet expectations, their outlook on it is bullish. The company has made good efforts to reach every corner of the country and the demand for its buses has increased. Its results will be seen in the future.

    850 target for Ramco Cement

    Apart from Ashok Leyland, the firm has listed one more share, Ramco Cement. On Thursday, the NSE closed up 1.32 percent at Rs 735.95. Sharekhan has given a target price of Rs 850 for it. The firm said that Ramco Cement showed good results in the first quarter of FY23. It is expected that electricity and fuel prices will come down from September and the company will benefit. However, the company may put its expansion idea on hold, as project costs continue to rise. The company feels that this will not have any significant impact on the company’s shares.

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    Mahindra Logistics Target Price

    Sharekhan also suggested buying shares of Mahindra Logistics. For this the organization has given a target of Rs.600. On Thursday, Mahindra Logistics stock closed up 0.35 percent at 478.70 on the NSE. The stock has been in a continuous consolidation phase since April. The brokerage house said that Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) showed excellent results, not only M&M but also other Mahindra group companies. We will see better results in the next four quarters. It is focusing on increasing its warehouse capacity.

    About Bank of Baroda

    Apart from the above 3 stocks, Sharekhan also recommends a banking stock, namely Bank of Baroda The firm says the stock should be bought with a target of Rs 140. On Thursday, the stock closed down 2.02 percent at 118.6 on the NSE. There has been a huge jump in the bank’s post-tax profit. Its results came in 33 percent better than estimates. Its loans also grew well and registered good numbers in retail, corporate and foreign books as well.

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