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    Start this business with 4 lakhs, earn up to ₹ 50 thousand per month, government will also help under Mudra scheme

    New Delhi. If you have a desire to do business, you can earn a good amount every month. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Scheme can help you in this task. You can think of setting up a soap factory as a small business. From big cities to small towns and villages, soap is in demand. Which can be a profitable deal for you.

    A soap making factory can be started with only four lakh rupees. Also, you can get up to 80 percent loan. Not only is it easy to get a loan under the Mudra loan scheme, the entire project of the business can also be prepared. Let’s know how to start this business, how you need to arrange money. What will you need for this?

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    Start business under Mudra Yojana
    You will find it very easy to do this type of business because the first thing is that the government itself provides you with full detailed reports covering every aspect of it. Also, you can get up to 80 percent loan. You don’t need to prepare a project report for your loan as the government has already prepared it, you can use it.

    Machines and equipments come in 1 lakh rupees

    To install this unit, you will need a total area of ​​750 square feet. It covers 500 square feet and rest is uncovered. It will require a total of 8 machines including machines. The machines and their installation will cost only Rs 1 lakh. It will take seven months, in total seven months you can start production after completing all the formalities.

    How much will you pay in total?
    A total of Rs 15.30 lakh will be spent to install this complete setup. This includes space, machinery, three months working capital. Out of this, you need to spend only Rs 3.82 lakh, as you can borrow the rest from the bank.

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    Great business idea at low cost
    According to the project profile report of the Mudra project, you will be able to produce around 4 lakh kg in a year, with a total value of around Rs 47 lakh. After paying expenses and other liabilities, you will have an annual profit of Rs.6 lakhs.

    Get project report from here If you want to start this business then at you will get complete information about it.

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