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    Start this business by investing 2 lakh rupees, earn 12 lakh in 10 months, do you know how to start?

    New Delhi. If you want to start your own business, today we are going to tell you about a great business idea. What you can start with less money and earn big money every month, in a very short time .. Yes! We are talking about green pepper cultivation. It may be sharp in taste, but earning from it will work to dissolve the sweetness in your life.

    Let’s find out how this farming will help you to make a profit. You can earn up to Rs 12 lakh in 9 to 10 months by investing Rs 2-3 lakh in chilli cultivation (i.e. cultivate green chillies).

    Start cultivating chillies at Rs
    You can start cultivating chillies in one hectare of land. You have to make beds and cultivate chillies. Good quality hybrid seeds should be selected for pepper cultivation. Pepper seedlings should be planted at a distance of 2-2 feet and a space of about 2-3 feet should be kept between the two beds.

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    Learn how to cultivate?
    At the same time, you need to do all the time fertilizer, irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides, harvesting, marketing for pepper cultivation. You will need at least 7 to 8 kg of chilli seeds. You can get these for 20-25 thousand rupees. The price of hybrid seeds can go up to Rs 35-40 thousand. The price of hybrid Magadhi seeds is Rs.

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    If you cultivate Magadhira hybrid pepper, it can yield about 250-300 quintals per hectare. Its price in the market can range from Rs 30 to Rs 80. For example, suppose your pepper is being sold at Rs 50 per kg, in which case the price of 300 quintals of pepper will be around Rs 15 lakh, which means you will get a profit of around Rs 12 lakh per hectare.

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