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    Start this business by investing ₹ 50 thousand, you will earn crores of rupees every month, know how to start?

    New Delhi. If you also want to start your own home based business, today we are going to tell you a great business idea. You could start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start up cost. We are talking about online hoarding business. Let us tell you that in this age of digital, online hoarding business can be a lucrative deal for you.

    News18 spoke to Dipti Awasthi Sharma, founder of, an outdoor advertising startup. We tell you that Dipti is earning more than 1 crore per month from this business. So let’s find out from them how you can start an online hoarding business and how much money you can make from it.

    Crores of rupees will be earned in just one year
    When Dipti Awasthi Sharma started her online hoarding business in 2016, she was just 27 years old. Dipti started working on online hoardings by investing only Rs 50,000 as she did not have much money. From the following year, the income started at Rs 12 crore and after one year, the turnover of Dipti’s company exceeded Rs 20 crore. Dipti said, I started the business of digital hoarding in 2016 with a very small amount of 50 thousand rupees. The idea was successful and started earning money in a short time.

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    How to start this business?
    This work can be started with the help of marketing and technology. All you have to do is create a website with your domain name. He has to promote himself. In the beginning, you can see where and how to connect with people looking for a place to advertise. This business is growing fast. Because every day people want to advertise from home.

    Learn how this company works?
    First, the customer needs to login to the website. After that, go to the website, search for your location (where he has to put up hoardings) and select. After selecting the location, a mail is sent to the company. After confirming the availability of the site and location is sent by the company, then the artwork and order comes from the customer’s side. Location is provided an ID and password to go live on the site. We tell you that this company charges around Rs 1 lakh for installing a hoarding for one month.

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    According to Dipti, hoardings in high profile locations in cities like Delhi, Mumbai can fetch up to Rs 10 lakh for a long time, so if you have orders for 10 hoardings per month, you can earn up to Rs 1. Crores. Can This is usually possible during the festive season, when orders for 10-12 hoardings a month are available. In that case, the business could be a very lucrative deal.

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