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    Ratan Tata Investment Company offers business opportunity, earn lakhs by investing ₹ 1 lakh per month

    New Delhi. The coronavirus pandemic has ruined the economy of the country as well as the budget of the common man. A large number of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. People have tried other jobs for livelihood. In such a situation, if you also want to start your own business, or want extra income, then there are great opportunities for you. Whereas, you can start your business with less investment (small scale business idea).

    The most important of these is the huge investment of veteran businessman Ratan Tata in the company. Yes.. we are talking about – Generic Aadhaar, a generic drug startup company invested by Ratan Tata. This company is giving common people an opportunity to earn money from franchise. Where you can open a medical store with one time investment and earn a good amount every month from it. so Let’s know everything about it…

    Start by investing just Rs.1 lakh
    If you want to have a profitable business with less investment, there are better options for you. Generic Basis Franchise Team News 18 Hindi During the conversation it was said that any person can take franchise on generic basis. To start this business only one time investment of 1 lakh rupees is required. The biggest advantage of this franchise is that the company gives up to 40% margin to its partners, whereas big pharmaceutical companies give a maximum margin of 15-20%. The company will provide 1000 types of generic drugs. Customers get up to 80 percent discount on these medicines. The biggest advantage is that the company will order the medicine online. If it is from your city, you will receive this order.

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    Month, do you know what to offer?

    According to the information provided by the company, there are many retailers in Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh who earn up to 8-10 lakhs per month with the franchise of the company. But the income depends on the city and location.

    Generic Aadhaar co-founder Arjun Deshpande along with Ratan Tata

    What to do to get a franchise?
    Generic Aadhaar Franchise is available for those who are already running their own medical stores or those who want to start their new stores. If you take the franchise of this company, you will get GA (Generic Aadhaar) from the company itself. The brand logo will remain. Apart from this, in-house software for branding materials, in-house products and pharmaceutical components will be provided. For this you need to take drug license also.

    Learn everything about this company
    India’s youngest founder Arjun Deshpande has a simple foundation for pharmacy business, which can be done both online and offline. The generic Aadhaar company may have started in Pune, Maharashtra but now it has spread its reach to over 130 cities in 18 states. Ratan Tata himself invested in this pharma company.

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    Learn to apply?
    According to the company, if you want to earn money by joining this company, you must first visit the company’s website. will continue. you are here business opportunity of option will appear. Clicking here opens the franchise online form. Also, to know more about the business and to fill the form, you can visit this link- Here you need to send your details like- name, mobile number, email id and city name. Also, you can call the numbers given below for franchise related information. For this you can contact these numbers for franchise across the country. West India – 9653373636, North India – 9653373640, East India – 9653373641, South India – 9653373639).

    (Disclaimer- This information is based on information received from the company. Before taking up a franchise, you should do your own thorough investigation.)

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