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    Quit your job and start this business by investing 1 lakh rupees, you can earn up to 8 lakh rupees per month, government will help

    New Delhi. Are you bored with your boring job and want to start your own business to make more money? So today we are talking to you about a great business (profitable business idea). Where you can earn big money by spending less money (business with small level investment). The best idea is to grow cucumbers. Yes .. it will give you a chance to make more money in less time.

    Start cultivating cucumber and earn lakhs of rupees
    Explain that the cycle of this crop is completed in 60 to 80 days. However, cucumbers grow in the summer. But cucumber crop is more in monsoon. Cucumber can be grown in all types of soils. Land pH for cucumber cultivation. 5.5 to 6.8 is considered good. Cucumber can also be grown on the banks of rivers and ponds. So let’s not know how to do cucumber farming business?

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    Start a business with a subsidy from the government
    Durga Prasad, a farmer from UP who is earning lakhs of rupees by cultivating cucumbers. They say that in order to make a profit on farming, they have planted cucumbers in their fields and earned Rs 8 lakh in just 4 months. He planted cucumbers from the Netherlands on his land. According to Durga Prasad, this species was the first farmer to sow cucumber seeds from the Netherlands.
    The special thing is that this species does not have cucumber seeds. Due to which the demand for cucumber is high in big hotels and restaurants. Durga Prasad said he built a sednet house on the farm himself with a subsidy of Rs 18 lakh from the Horticulture Department. Even after taking the subsidy, I had to spend Rs 6 lakh for myself. Apart from this, he got seeds worth Rs 72,000 from the Netherlands. Months after sowing the seeds, he sold cucumbers for eight lakh rupees.

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    Why is this business in demand?
    The specialty of this cucumber is that its price is up to twice that of ordinary cucumber. Domestic cucumbers are being sold at Rs 20 per kg, while seeded cucumbers from the Netherlands are being sold at Rs 40 to 45 per kg. However, there is a demand for all types of kheer throughout the year. You can use social media for marketing.

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