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    Multibagger Stocks: Those who have invested in 3 stocks of Adani Group have made huge profits, do you also own these stocks?


    Almost every share of Adani Group has shown tremendous growth over a long period of time.
    Adani Power Limited stock is making new highs every day.
    Adani Transmission touched its lifetime high of Rs 3,694 today.

    New Delhi. You must also be looking for a multibagger share. But did you know that almost every share of the Adani group has shown phenomenal growth over a long period of time and has given multibagger returns on investment. If you had stocks of Adani Power, Adani Transmission and Adani Enterprises in your portfolio, you too would have had fun today.

    All three stocks hit record highs in opening trade today. While this, today, both the main indices of the Indian stock market are showing a significant decline. These three stocks opened with a gap and made their new highs.

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    Adani Power does not respond
    Adani Power Limited stock is making its new highs every new day. In the last four trading sessions this week, Adani Power’s stock hit record highs. It has closed in the upper circuit in the last three sessions. The stock has risen more than 40 percent in the past month. Talking about the last 6 months it is giving more than 25% returns. Similarly, it has given multibagger returns of 310 percent so far this year. Adani Power has given a phenomenal return of 440 percent in the last one year so far. As of today’s press, shares of Adani Power were trading at Rs 410, after touching a high of Rs 418.85.

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    Adani Transmission
    This stock also opened a gap today and reached Rs 3,694 in a short period of time. In the last 4 trading sessions, today it broke its own high for the third time and made a new high. The stock is showing great rally and has returned 21 percent in the last one month. It has given almost 95 percent returns in last 6 months. In the same year, i.e. 2022, it has given investors 110 percent profit. Talking about the last one year, it moved from ₹1,125 to ₹3,694 and gave a 225 percent multibagger return.

    Adani Enterprises
    This multibagger stock has made record highs for the past 6 consecutive sessions. Today the stock opened a gap and made a new high of Rs 3,258.90. This stock has returned 12 percent this week, while in one month it has given more than 30 percent profit.

    The stock has risen from Rs 1,685 to Rs 3,258 in the last 6 months In percentage terms, this number is over 90 percent. It has returned around 125 percent in the last one year. It has increased from Rs 1,430 to Rs 3,258.

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