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    Multibagger stocks: Rs 33 shares cross ₹ 3000, ₹ 1 lakh investment becomes ₹ 94 lakh


    Shares of HLE Glasscoat have given investors a return of 94 times over 15 years.
    This stock is available on both BSE and NSE indices.
    This stock has registered a decline in the last 1 year.

    New Delhi. From veteran investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala to other big players in the market, if you want to make money from the stock market, you have to stop there. Many such examples are also coming our way when patience has brought bang returns for people in the market. There are many multibagger stocks in the market from which people have made good money. Today we will talk about one such multibagger.

    Today we will talk about shares of HLE Glasscoat. The stock, which once traded as low as Rs 50, has crossed the Rs 3,000 mark today. It is a mid-cap stock and companies in this category often outperform the benchmark index. This stock has given its investors over 9,000 percent returns.

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    Share price history
    The stock has been under selling pressure in recent days and touched a 52-week low of Rs 2,951. This stock has not given a single percent return in the last one year. But the price history before that is fantastic. We tell you that its highest level is Rs 7,549. In the last 5 years, this stock has set a level of Rs 160 to Rs 3107. That means 1850 percent profit has been given to the investors during this period. At the same time, if we talk about the last 10 years, this stock has reached its current level of Rs 36, during which the investors have got 8530 percent return. 15 years ago this stock was Rs.33. Investors who invested money in this stock got 9400 returns.

    1 lakh becomes 94 lakh taka
    As we mentioned that its performance has not been good in the last one year, so if someone had invested 1 lakh in it 1 year ago, the amount would have come down to 90,000. At the same time, if one had invested in it 5 years ago, his investment would have grown to Rs 19.50 lakhs. A 10 year investment would have increased the shareholder’s amount to Rs 86.30 lakhs. At the same time, 15 years ago, a person who invested Rs 1 lakh in it would have invested Rs 94 lakh.

    Where to find shares
    Earlier this stock was available only on BSE but in February last year it was also listed on NSE. Its market cap on Friday was Rs 4,230 crore.

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