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    Find out how many mobile numbers are linked to your Aadhaar with just one click

    New Delhi. In recent times, there have been some cases of giving mobile number to someone on Aadhaar card number. These cases have come to the fore because the EKYC process is easy to break with fingerprints. Now to overcome this problem and avoid SIM card misuse and fraud with it, DoT has recently launched a portal that will be able to provide information about the number assigned to any Aadhaar card number. The portal is called Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP).

    The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) mentioned on the TAFCOP website that ‘this website is designed to help customers, find out the number of active mobile connections in their name and take necessary steps to regularize their additional mobile connections. Has been done. ‘

    Let us tell you how you can find out how many more Aadhaars have been issued based on the Aadhaar attached to your number.

    1. You visit Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection Portal –
    2. Then enter your mobile number.
    3. Then click on the OTP request.
    4. Then enter the valid OTP
    5. After that all the numbers related to Aadhaar number will be visible on the website
    6. From this list of numbers, you can report and block numbers that are not in use or that you do not need. If you have any doubt about any number, you can let us know.

    An Aadhaar number will send an SMS to people who have issued more than nine numbers. According to government rules, a mobile subscriber can register up to nine mobile connections in his name.

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