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    Eco-driving: Now eco-driving will save petrol and reduce pollution

    New Delhi. If you also drive and are worried about skyrocketing petrol and diesel prices, or you can sell or cancel a new pollution-free electric car even after the old car has spread pollution. Location to buy (electric car) then this news can be very useful for you. Driving eco-vehicles or environmental driving such as scientists said that despite having older cars, you can not only save extraordinary fuel (petrol-diesel), but also reduce pollution and harm the environment.

    Electric vehicles are now being promoted across the country in terms of pollution. Many states in the country have also issued their own policies on electric vehicles (EVs), but scientists say it will take many years to get into new pollution-free vehicles, in a way that requires technology. Even conventional petrol and diesel vehicles are environmentally friendly and use minimal fuel.

    Now not just switching to electric vehicles, eco-driving in petrol-diesel cars will save fuel and the environment.

    Recently, research by the CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI) has shown that if eco-driving is focused on using conventional vehicles, both fuel and the environment can be harmed. Senior Principal Scientist and Research Institute Professor ACSIR Transport Planning and Environment Dr. Rav Rabindra Kumar It is said that now electric vehicles are being introduced considering the environment and oil prices, but the vehicles that are already running in the country will also have to use the technology, otherwise things will be fine on one side and the other. On the other hand, things will get messy.

    Eco driving will save 11 to 50 percent

    Recent studies have shown that eco-driving exercises and training exercises can improve the fuel economy by 11-50%. Apart from this, CO2 emissions can also be greatly reduced. In addition to environmental as well as social benefits. One ton of CO2 (CO2) emissions in India cost $ 86 for the economy.

    This is how eco-driving saves petrol and diesel

    Dr. Rav Rabindra Kumar explained that eco-driving or green driving is a method. Where special attention is paid to the speed of the vehicle. This saves a lot of fuel. Research has shown that the lower or higher the speed of a car, the higher the fuel consumption. If a car travels at a speed of 10 kmph, it will take 14 liters of fuel to reach 100 kmph. If the same car runs at 120-140 kmph, it will take 14-16 liters of fuel to cover the same distance.

    ev, eco driving

    Eco-driving practice and training practice can improve fuel economy by 11-50%.

    Although if we look at the speed of eco-driving, it is 50-80 per kilometer. If a person keeps his car steady at this speed, he will need a minimum of 7 to 7.5 liters of fuel to go 100 km, which is 50 percent of the fuel used at the rest of the speed. In vehicle meters, it is also shown as a green speed, but often people understand it in such a way that it is called a green signal due to an accident. Where it means saving fuel costs.

    What is eco driving

    Dr. Rav Rabindra says that there is a cycle of driving. At first the car stops in the air, which is what we call lazy or lazy. Then the acceleration begins. After accelerating the car, if the road is good, we cruise. Note that we keep the car at the same ideal speed while traveling. Despite the green speed up to 50-80, the effect is even better if the car is driven between 45-65.

    We then see that if there is a hole or a place where we have to slow down our car, we slow down the car slowly and then slowly stop the car. It happens in many places that due to hustle and bustle, people also use these cycles to drive in a hurry. Which affects the engine and other parts of the vehicle and increases the emission of greenhouse gases. Dr. Rav Rabindra says that if a person drives a car or a four wheeler, he has to go through these four cycles. This time, the thing to keep in mind is that after crossing these cycles, the speed of the vehicle should be taken to the green speed and kept there.

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