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    Earn a lot of money from online gaming, you earn millions by playing video games on this platform

    New Delhi. Online computer gaming is growing rapidly among people. Nowadays people are earning extra cash by playing web-based games. However, the most important thing for cash is choosing the right game and platform. In particular games, you earn tokens but do not convert them into cash. In today’s world it is possible to earn money playing video games but the truth is that it is a tough job. Here we have tried to know seven ways by which you can make money with gaming…

    1. Live Streaming
    Anyone can stream their interactivity continuously to the world. If you bring in a big crowd, you can get big cash. You can earn lakhs of rupees from it, it depends on your reach. The biggest platforms for streaming are Twitch and YouTube.

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    2. Sports Journalism
    You can join an existing site or start your own and start writing reviews, news and interviews for that particular game. If you’re writing for an existing site, you can earn as a freelancer, and if you have your own site, you can monetize your traffic with ads and Patreon memberships.

    3. Create a video game tutorial and guide
    You can take different routes, like creating a website for written guides, uploading video guides, etc. Also, you can publish an e-book. Since the last two ads are monetized, you can make money and you can also make money from ebook sales.

    4. Host a gaming podcast
    Try doing a daily, weekly or monthly show related to gaming, add some interesting stuff. Podcasts can be monetized through advertising and sponsorships, which will generate revenue for you.

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    5. Account or sale of digital items
    If you have been gaming a lot, you may be able to flip your account or in-game items to other players. You can sell earned cards to anyone and collect revenue.

    6. Test game and receive payment
    Games usually go through several stages before release. You can be a playtester involved in finding and documenting bugs and other issues.

    7. Win gaming tournaments and earn sponsorships
    Tournaments are common to almost all sports If your skills are developed, you can join an esports organization and earn money through winnings and sponsorships. undefined

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