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    ₹9 to ₹3,721: Multibagger pharma stocks go from ₹1 lakh to over ₹4 crore


    It has decreased by 24.04 percent in the last one year. So far in 2022, it’s down 20 percent.
    The highest level of ₹ 5,425.10 was made on 18 October 2021. This is its 52-week high.
    It is currently trading 32 percent below its 52-week high.

    New Delhi. 19 years ago today, a share was 9 rupees. Today, the same share is priced at Rs 3,721. The stock has returned more than 41,000 percent in those 19 years. The name of this share is Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. Such strong returns mean that if someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock 19 years ago, his investment would have been Rs 4.13 crore today.

    Divi’s Lab is a large cap company in the pharma sector. Its market cap is ₹ 98,972 crore. The company’s products are exported to 95 countries. The company is also named among the world’s 3 largest active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturers. According to Value Research data, the company is completely debt free at this time.

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    Divi’s Lab share price history
    According to a report by LiveMint, the stock closed at Rs 3,721.10 on Friday. It fell 5.75 percent on the day. A day earlier, it had closed at ₹3,948.05. The stock price on 13 March 2003 was Rs.9. Compared to today’s price, it gave a multibagger return of 41,245.56 percent. As of 18 August 2017, it has increased by 485.82%. It was priced at Rs 635.20 then.

    However, it has decreased by 24.04 percent in the last one year. So far in 2022, it’s down 20 percent. On NSE, this stock touched a high of ₹ 5,425.10 on 18 October 2021. This is its 52-week high. The stock hit its 52-week low of ₹3,365.55 on 26 May 2022. Accordingly, it is running about 32 percent below its 52-week high and about 11 percent above its 52-week low.

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    Is it okay to buy it now?
    Sharekhan’s Wealthy analysts said in a note that revenue growth has been good. Due to low taxes, its PAT (Profit After Tax) is in double digits. Although the number is low. Its performance may improve in the coming quarters. Based on some other fundamental analysis, Sharekhan Wealthy analysts have given it a Buy rating. They feel that in the long term, this stock will go higher and can achieve a target of Rs 4,450 from here.

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