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    When there was a crowd of girls at the location to see Rajesh Khanna, the shooting had to be canceled

    Mumbai: As many stories can be heard about Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna and can be heard in the film corridors, there is very little about any actor. Rajesh was a simple looking actor whose daughters were crazy about everything. It is said that at that time every actress wanted to do a film with him, but there were some actresses who did not want to work with Rajesh in the first days. Legendary actress Asha Parek was like that, but Rajesh’s stardom in front of her got people’s heads in such a way that the actress still remembers her performance.

    Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh worked together in the film ‘Ann Milo Sajna’. This thing is from the 1970s. A song of this film of Asha-Rajesh ‘Tere Karan, Tere Karan .. Tere Karan, Mere Sajan’ is still liked. This film was a huge hit. Recalling the days of shooting this film, Asha once told the media that ‘when the shooting of the film was going on, many girls would come to meet her at the shooting location that we had to cancel the shooting’.

    Asha Parekh said, ‘I have worked with Rajesh Khanna for the first time in’ Baharan Ke Swapna ‘. He was an actor of a very shy nature at the time, but in two years, Rajesh Khanna’s magic captivated audiences, especially women, so quickly that everything changed. Rajesh Khanna became a superstar. If hope is to be believed, the girls were desperate to touch him. There was great insanity among the women about him.

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    It is said that Asha Parek refused to work with Rajesh Khanna in 1967 in ‘Bahar Ke Sapna’. Because when Rajesh set foot in Bollywood, Asha Parekh’s industry was talking loudly. In such a situation when director Nasir Hussain signed Asha with Rajesh, he did not want to work because he did not like acne on Rajesh’s face. Although the film did not show anything special, Rajesh had such magic during ‘An Milo Sajna’ that the film started to become a hit under his name.

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