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    When Kavita Krishnamurthy made a ‘mistake’ while singing, Sridevi danced with joy, the song became a super-duper hit.

    Mumbai: Making songs in films also has its own story. Many songs are created unconsciously, which become hits and some do not show much impact even after some hard work and brilliant lyrics. At the same time, some songs are sung incorrectly, but they are such great hits that no one cares that any wrong words have been recorded. One such anecdote from the film ‘Mr India’ was narrated by famous singer Kavita Krishnamurthy herself.

    Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrish Puri starrer ‘Mr India’ entertained the audience a lot. The film’s dialogues, songs and dances were all so excellent that the film became a super hit, with superb music. Sridevi danced in the ‘Hawa-Hawai’ song of this film which is still unforgettable to the audience.

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    Kavita was not the first choice for ‘Hawa Hawaii’
    In fact Laxmikant-Peyrelal duo composed the music for the film ‘Mr India’. Kavita Krishnamoorthy made the song ‘Hawa Hawai’ catchy with her voice, but Kavita was not the first choice for this song. This song was probably sung by Asha Bhosle. The music composer lost the raw ball to Kavita, but Kavita sang from the heart like a finale. As a result, when Payrelal-Laxmikant heard the poem’s voice, they liked it very much and kept it as sung in the film. While giving the good news to Kavita, Laxmikant ji said that the song will be in her voice only in the film, on which she said her mistake, for which she got a very funny reply.

    Anil Kapoor-Sridevi pairing was quite strong in ‘Mr India’. (Photo credit: Poster)

    Even today that mistake is in the current song
    Kavitha narrated the funny story of recording this song during the show ‘Indian Idol’. Kavita said that ‘Jinu jab tumne jab hid baat hai, sang it second time to correct the mistake…Jaanu when tumne jab baat hai…the line was right Janu when tumne baat hai…I thought I will fix it after the shoot…now My voice is just going. I sang wrong at one place, called Lakshmiji, Janu as Jinu. In this regard he said – Sridevi ji is dancing in such a way that Jinu is the right word now.

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    The word jinu still exists in ‘hawa hawai’. This film is directed by Shekhar Kapur and Anil Kapoor-Sridevi pair rocked it.

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