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    Users were surprised to see Shahrukh Khan’s co-star in icy water, said – was there a penguin in the previous life?

    Mumbai: People saw Megha Gupta in Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Fan’. She is very active on social media and has been inspiring people by sharing her fitness videos and photos for the past few days. She is also known for her bold acts. She is now surprising people with some new photos and videos.

    Actually, she has shared some of her photos and videos on Instagram, in which she is seen sitting in a yoga posture in a drum filled with ice. In such a cold winter, his sitting in icy water is surprising people. People are expressing their surprise by commenting on the photos.

    Megha Gupta took an ice bath
    A user writes on Megha’s post, ‘Was there a penguin in a previous life?’ Another user writes, ‘People are not bathing here and you are sitting in icy water.’ The third user writes, ‘It is getting cold here and madam is not taking time for ice bath.’ Fourth says that fishes are preserved in such ice.

    Megha sat in the drum for 7 minutes
    Megha wrote in the caption of the post, ‘I am making reflexes better. I am giving myself rest amidst the hassles. In this session I sat for 7 minutes. The actress has shared these photos and videos about 11 hours ago, on which more than 22 thousand likes have come. A fan writes, ‘Where does so much power come from? The cuteness did not decrease even in water.

    Netizens stunned by Megha Gupta’s cuteness
    Megha Gupta looks very focused despite sitting in icy water. Netizens are liking his style. They are in awe of her cuteness. According to media reports, Megha married Siddhant Karnik in 2016. However, this marriage did not work out. They got divorced within a few years.

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