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    Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar: Ud Gayi Sur’s ‘Son Chirayya’

    PtThe smell flew away… the branch kept on shaking… the flower withered… the fragrance kept flowing. Son Chirayya of Sur has taken such a flight in Anant today. The rest remained innumerable sights of the smell of Mausiki. A voice is reverberating in the sky- ‘Don’t stay, we will smell, ban ke bud, ban ke saba, Bagh-e-wafa mein’. Lata Mangeshkar said goodbye to this world-e-fani.

    Some sweet and melodious note of the seven notes of the sargam became silent. The Goddess of Sur merged into the void of her realizations, sheltering the whole universe. What a strange coincidence that the last day of this divine incarnation of the Panchami Vani of Vasant and the next morning Mahaprasthan. This was the time of destiny. The apprehensions were put to rest and the world is forced to believe a ruthless truth.

    It is very difficult, at such a time, to write on a person whose scale is like the sky, the sea, and the peak of the Himalayas. It is not easy to say anything on the legend like Lata in words, but at this time when crores of souls are crying in memory of him on his physical death, then the head can be bowed in reverence on behalf of those beats.

    Lata Mangeshkar took the art of playback singing above all scales to a point where all the beats of life and nature could be found in the spiritual beauty and sweet intoxication of being swayed by the serenity and joy. There are crores of fans who have achieved this melody, whose spirit of soul kept spilling in this throat.

    Thousands of songs became Lata’s throat. If you sit with their account, then life is short, but the soil of Ratnagarbha India is blessed where geniuses spread their light like a divine consciousness and proclaim their immortality beyond time. Lata Mangeshkar is such an eternal nectar of voice. His death is a great loss to the world.

    The generations to come will rave about the fact that on the soil of Hindustan, a woman kept on awakening the magic of her virtuous voice with a luscious stream of seven notes of music.

    On 28 September 1929, Lata was born at her aunt’s house in the Sikh locality of Indore. it was Saturday. It is also a strange coincidence that Saturday was the last day of his life. Lata kept her music lessons from father Deenanath Mangeshkar till her last breath. She was full of happiness holding this loan.

    If we look at the list of songs sung in Hindi and many other languages, then their contribution is seen like a wonder. The age of ninety may have exhausted the body, but while accumulating a deep faith in God and spiritual strength, she was full of desire to awaken her voice in the prayer of peace, peace for the whole world.

    That’s why Maya Govind had said – ‘This world is like a tree of Shrutis, you are like a creeper of the gamut. Swara garland in the verses of soft pure intense flowers c. Your songs are like veneration, as much as there is God in God. She was filled with deep satisfaction of life. In an interview he had said ‘Today I feel O Lord! Whatever you have given, you have given a lot; Gave more than others. Just like you have given me shade, keep it on every artist and noble person as well. This is the prayer.’

    Really, Lata ji got all that she deserved. In 2001, from the highest civilian decoration Bharat Ratna to Padma Bhushan and hundreds of honors and achievements related to the field of cinema. He believed that perfection is an inner feeling, which does not arise from any reward or circumstance. He comes from within. Your own devotion and faith are also helpful in that.

    Indeed, Lataji’s inner morale was formed by mixing such spiritual elements. Even after singing all her life, Lata ji kept feeling that there was something left which could not come in her voice. What was that? When critic Ajat Shatru had once asked this question, Lata ji had said – ‘Khamoshi’. It will probably be easy for this son Chirayya to sing his silence in the sky of Anhad, but unfortunately we will not be able to hear him.

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