Sunday, December 10, 2023

    The Congress said opposition unity was not possible without it, and the Raipur plenary would give direction to such a plan

    The Congress on Sunday said the party’s top brass would brainstorm and give directions on ways to strengthen opposition unity during the three-day plenary session to be held in Raipur from February 24, stressing that without it any such efforts would fail. Congress general secretary KC Venugopal said the party’s steering committee will meet on the first day of the session and decide whether to hold elections for the party’s top decision-making body – the Congress Working Committee (CWC).

    The Congress knows its role in uniting various opposition parties to oust the BJP from power ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, he said.

    Congress has already taken the initiative and is in touch with various political parties. A clear initiative has been taken by the Congress to unite the opposition parties and we will definitely unite them against the BJP in the 2024 elections,” Venugopal said at a press conference here.

    “The direction of the opposition unity will come from the plenary session of the party, where the issue will be discussed,” he said, adding that its main task is to defeat the BJP in 2024.

    Venugopal said that this Purnanga is clearly a reflection of the sentiments imparted by the Bharat Jodo Yatra and an extension of the Udaipur Chintan Shibir.

    Congress general secretary communications Jayaram Ramesh said the party recognizes that opposition unity is important and added that the issue would be discussed in the plenary session.

    There is no need to give anyone a certificate that we have to lead because any opposition unity without the Congress will fail. So, we welcome Nitish Kumar’s statement, and as Venugopal ji said it will be discussed in full and whatever we have to do for the 2024 elections,” he told reporters while taking a dig at Bihar CM Kumar’s statement that the Congress must be proactive in bringing opposition unity. .

    But before that there are several assembly polls. But a strong opposition unity is impossible without a strong Congress,” Ramesh said.

    The Congress welcomed Chief Minister Kumar’s statement and “he admitted that the Bharat Joro Yatra has had an impact not only on the Congress but on Indian politics”, he said.

    “This is a turning point for Indian politics, he admits,” Ramesh said.

    We welcome it and we know our role very well. Congress is the only political party which has not compromised anywhere with BJP. There are some opposition parties who come to (Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha) Mallikarjun Kharg’s meetings but their work is for the ruling party. We are not ambivalent towards the BJP,” he said.

    The Congress is opposed to the BJP and wants a joint parliamentary committee probe into the Adani issue, Ramesh said.

    He said whether there would be a pre-poll alliance or other such methods would be discussed and pointed out that the Congress had alliances with several parties in various states.

    Venugopal said the agenda for the party’s three-day 85th plenary session from February 24 to 26 will be finalized in the steering committee meeting to be held on the first day and then the subject committee will finalize it.

    Around 15,000 delegates will attend the plenary session and discuss various topics including political, social, economic and youth issues.

    Giving a breakdown of the delegates, he said 1,338 All India Congress Committee delegates and 487 co-opted, which comes to a total of 1,825 delegates. Also, a total of 9,915 representatives of the Pradesh Congress Committee will attend the session.

    Party treasurer Pawan Kumar Bansal said the session will end with a public meeting in Raipur, where top leaders will address.

    Kumari Selja, who is the AICC general secretary in-charge of Chhattisgarh, said that out of the total AICC delegates, 235 are women and 501 are under 50 years of age. Besides, there will be 704 from general category, 228 from minorities, 381 from other backward classes, 192 from scheduled castes and another 133 from scheduled tribes.

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    (This story was not edited by News18 staff and appears from a syndicated news agency feed)

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