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    Tejaswi Prakash sends fans on a nostalgic trip on a balloon-laden bicycle, watch here

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    Tejaswi Prakash enjoying a bicycle ride with a balloon.

    Tejashwi Prakash smiles at the paparazzi and rides a bicycle decorated with cute balloons.

    Tejaswi Prakash was one of the most loved contestants of Bigg Boss 15. After succeeding in the reality show, she starred in Ekta Kapoor’s much-acclaimed television franchise Naagin 6. She is one of the highest paid actresses in the television industry. Due to her popularity, it is natural for paparazzi to capture the actress at her worst. Interestingly, such an opportunity presented itself over the weekend and fans couldn’t stop themselves from gushing.

    On Saturday, a paparazzo’s Instagram handle shared a short video of Tejshwi enjoying life’s small pleasures. The 29-year-old heartthrob was seen hopping on a simple bicycle decorated with red, pink and pastel colored balloons and then walking around with a wide smile on his face. Needless to say, Tejashwi looked gorgeous in a simple yet elegant blue suit, gorgeous dupatta and heels to complete her look. She also wore a necklace for the occasion.

    As Tejashwi’s fan following knows no bounds, several fans have showered the video with adoring praise. A fan wrote, “Aysi naagin sabko mille!!”. Another commented, “Yay this is so adorable and beautiful!! Tejaswi Prakash, keep smiling beautiful (with red heart emoji)” while another said, “Dear girl with her favorite balloon to install. Hahaha!!” Another fan said, “She reminds me of my childhood!!!”

    Apart from his role in Naagin 6, Tejashwi Prakash will soon be seen in a Marathi film titled School College Ani Life. The actress often makes headlines for her butterfly-inducing chemistry and friendship with her boyfriend and popular actor Karan Kundra. All the couples who met inside the Bigg Boss 15 house were furious. After Bigg Boss, the two officially started dating and they often break the internet with their cute and adorable social media posts.

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