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    Shakti Kapoor B’Day Spl: For the role of the villain, Shakti Kapoor changed his name, hit the car of this hero and became a movie star.

    Mumbai: Today is the birthday of actor Shakti Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor’s birthday) who is known for his villainy and comic timing in Bollywood. Do you think Shakti Kapoor’s real name is Sunil Sikanderlal Kapoor? Shakti Kapoor 1 Punjabi was born in September 1958 in New Delhi to a Punjabi family. His father ran a tailor’s shop in Connaught Place, Delhi. Shakti Kapoor, who started her career in 1975, has acted in more than 700 films and is still equally active in films.

    The story behind Shakti Kapoor’s name
    There is a reason behind the name change of Shakti Kapoor, in fact, when Sunil Dutt Sahab offered him the role of a villain in Sanjay Dutt starrer Rocky, he did not like his name Sunil Kapoor villain, that is why he changed his name. Shakti Kapoor did it. Shakti Kapoor is still considered as the famous villain of Hindi cinema. The actor is still active in Bollywood.

    When the car collided with Feroz Khan
    Once on the show ‘The Kapil Sharma’, ‘Crime Master Gogo’ also narrated an anecdote about the beginning of his career. Talking about his Bollywood career, Shakti Kapoor said that once his car collided with the car of veteran actor Feroz Khan. This conflict has changed his life drastically. He said that once in Mumbai his car collided with a Mercedes. When Shakti got out of the car, she saw a tall and handsome man coming out of the Mercedes. He was Firoz Khan. How could Shakti miss this opportunity? He told Feroze Khan that he came from Pune Film Institute and also has a diploma in acting.

    Got work like this
    Shakti Kapoor says that in the discussion he asked Feroze Khan for a role in his film there. Shakti said that after so much, Feroz left. Shakti then reached his house to meet a friend. Shakti’s friend K.K. Shukla was working with Shukla Firoz for the film ‘Qurbani’. Shakti Kapoor then called Firoz Khan and thus he got the role of Vikram in the film ‘Qurbani’.

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