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    Saira Banu Health Update: Saira Banu is out of ICU, says doctor about depression-angiography

    Veteran actress of her time Saira Banu was recently admitted to the ICU of Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai due to illness. It is heard that Saira Banu is out of ICU now. Now his health is constantly improving. Recently, he was hospitalized due to shortness of breath, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Recently, Dr. Nitin Gokhale, who is treating her, gave information about her health.

    Dr Nitin Gokhale, who is treating 77-year-old Saira Bano, gave an update on her health in a conversation with the E-Times. He said that there is a lot of news about Saira Bano, which is wrong. “Saira Banu is not suffering from depression or she has refused to do angiography,” he said.

    Dr Nitin further said that Saira GK has now been transferred from the ICU. He is better now than ever. He said that angiography will not be done now, but a few days later because first we have to control his diabetes. There is no question of not seeking treatment from him.

    Earlier, the doctor said that it could happen that Saira could be released now and then she would have to be hospitalized again for angiography.

    Let us tell you that in the past there was news about Saira Banu that she has left ventricular failure, due to which she has to undergo angiography. Then there was the news that Saira Banu was suffering from depression and acute coronary syndrome and she refused angiography to the doctors. However, now all these reports have been denied by the doctors who treated Sierra.

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