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    Rani Mukerji tells Kareena 1 special trick, Paparazzi can’t take pictures of girls, thus protecting Adira

    Mumbai. Rani Mukherjee is in the news these days. His film ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ was recently released. His performance in the film was well appreciated. He is enjoying it. Meanwhile, Rani gave an interview to actress Kareena Kapoor Khan about her daughter Adira. Rani Mukherjee and producer-director Aditya Chopra’s daughter Adira is now 8 years old, but no picture of her has been officially released to the public yet. Adira’s picture came only once, when she was with Aditya.

    The more Rani Mukerji is in the limelight, the more Aditya Chopra stays away from the limelight. He is a very private person and soon people will not see him. Rani recently spoke on Kareena Kapoor’s show ‘What Women Want’ about how she managed to keep her daughter away from the media limelight all these years.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan asks Rani Mukerji if she needs superpowers to hide her daughter Adira from the public? In this regard, he said, ‘No, there is no need for super power. I tell them (the paparazzi) very lovingly, please don’t take pictures of the baby and neither do they. They are very beautiful. And they have been like that since the beginning. Because they know Adi is a private person, I am a private person.

    Rani Mukherjee also spoke about how she and her husband try to give Adira as normal a childhood as possible. He said, “It was very important for Adira to go to school like a normal girl. Because when you are the child of popular parents, you get more attention than normal children.

    Rani Mukherjee added, “It is very important for me to make Adira feel that she is not special. It does not matter in whose house he is born. He has to make himself special. He will decide for himself what he wants to be in life.

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