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    Rakhi Sawant was stunned to hear Twinkle Khanna’s compliment, clasped her hands and said ‘thank you’

    Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant, popularly known as ‘Drama Queen’ in Bollywood, is becoming everyone’s favorite nowadays. People’s attitude towards Rakhi has changed a lot after ‘Bigg Boss’. People have started giving more love and respect to Rakhi. Meanwhile, another piece of news has come out to please Rakhi Sawant. Actress Twinkle Khanna has praised ‘Drama Queen’ Rakhi Sawant on her digital platform ‘Twick India’.

    Actress Twinkle Khanna Rakhi shared a long post for Sawant, which Rakhi is very happy to see. He thanked Twinkle’s post in his own style. In fact, Rakhi Sawant’s praise has been shared on ‘Twick India’s’ Instagram account. Where it read, ‘The way Rakhi Sawant has been listening to jokes and ridicule in public for so many years, if I had stayed in her place, I would have dug a hole for myself and hid like life. A miracle. But you can’t be ashamed when you incorporate those jokes and jokes into yourself. You will laugh at him, he will laugh at himself. Rakhi is doing a lot from the bank to lift her family out of poverty and create a place for herself in the competitive industry.

    Rakhi praises Sawant. Credit: wetweakindia Instagram

    After hearing so much praise for the Twinkle Khanna post, Rakhi Sawant got annoyed and made a post expressing her gratitude to the actress. Where Rakhi wrote, ‘Thank you so much Twinkle Khanna and Twick India, it means a lot to me. Twinkle G. You took your precious time and wrote something wonderful about me. A place where I was laughed at, ridiculed, trolled, abused, but I still stand firm on my ground. “

    Rakhi Sawant

    Rakhi Sawant expressed gratitude. Credit: ak Rakhi Sawant Instagram

    Rakhi Sawant further wrote, ‘I am proud of what I am today. I can take care of myself and my family and overcome all difficulties. I love bringing laughter and entertainment into people’s lives. I’m sure it takes a lot to be as humble as Twinkle Khanna and it takes an iron heart to be Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant is very active on social media these days and is constantly in touch with fans.

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