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    Pratik Gandhi said in the context of changing the name of his film- ‘Picture’ Bhabai ‘is not an explanation of Rama or Ravana.

    New Delhi / Mumbai. Bollywood actor Pratik Gandhi has put an end to speculation about changing the name of his upcoming film ‘Ravan Leela (Bhabai)’. The actor said on Tuesday that his upcoming film ‘Ravan Leela (Bhabai)’ has been renamed as ‘Bhavai’ only, out of respect for the feelings of a section of the audience. Set against the backdrop of the popular Gujarat folk drama Bhavai, the film is Gandhi’s first feature film in Hindi as a lead actor.

    The decision was made after receiving requests from viewers to change the name and to show respect for their feelings, the filmmakers said in a statement. Directed by Hardik Ghazjar, the film stars Pratik Gandhi as Mancha artiste Rajaram Joshi, who played the role of ‘Ravan’ in Ram Leela. The movie ‘Bhavai’ is about 2 people who work in a Ramlila and it shows how this Ramlila affects their personal life.

    The actor said that this film does not glorify Ravana. Gandhi told PTI-Bhasha, “We do not represent Ram or Ravana in the film. This movie is not about that. This is why the party felt that if the feelings of a particular section of society were hurt, we would not mind changing the name to please them. But I believe this is not the answer to the broader question. We have changed the name but will there be any solution? ‘

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