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    Mama Govinda-Mami Sunita Krishna is not ready to forgive Abhishek, saying- ‘I am tired of this enmity’

    Comedian Krishna Abhishek and Bollywood actor Govinda are going to be three years apart. Mama and nephew have not been in front of each other for a long time, not even far away. Now Krishna Abhishek’s latest statement has come out about this difference between the two. Krishna says that he has apologized to his uncle many times for his mistake, but he is not ready to forgive. He said he was tired of everyday conversation and this hostility. Recently, Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja arrived on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, but Krishna Abhishek was absent in this episode.

    After ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja said that she did not want to see Krishna Abhishek’s face. Now the reaction of Krishna Abhishek has been published in his speech. Speaking to Spotboy, he said, ‘I know my mama has said a lot against me. Of course, I’m disappointed. But now I feel that he is very angry with me because he loves me the most. He said film dialogues like ‘I never want to see his face again’ prove that he was hurt by me.

    Krishna Abhishek did not share the stage with Govinda even in November last year. (Photo credit: Instagram / govinda_herono1 / krushna30)

    Krishna Abhishek further said that you can only get hurt by the person who loves you. I also love my uncle and mama. I apologize to them. I have tried many times but he will not accept my forgiveness and that is my problem.

    The comedian said that he said I am like his child, if this is true then why he is not ready to forgive me? I have said many times in many interviews that we will solve our problems and he has said so too. But we are still standing in the same place. He said that his dissatisfaction was bothering me. I’m sad inside. I am tired of this hostility. Those people are like my parents.

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