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    Kangana Ranaut’s big push before ‘Thalaivi’ release, why actress is angry with multiplex owners

    Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her great acting as well as her impeccable style. The actress never hesitated to speak her mind. Now Kangana Ranaut is sad that her upcoming film ‘Thalaivi’ is facing a hurdle. In fact, three national multiplex chains have refused to reveal the release date of Kangna’s film ‘Thalaivi’, which has angered Kangana. The actress’ film is set to release in theaters on September 10. Kangana also shared a video on her Instagram, where she talks about ‘Thalaivi’.

    Kangana says in this video- ‘Hello friends, I have talked to you about many things through these videos. Today I am going to talk to you about the movie. Many businesses have been badly affected by the epidemic. Which of these movie business, theater business has been badly affected. But, the digital platforms that are there have also improved a lot. Our film Thalaivi, which is by far the largest budget female-centric film, has been made with a budget of Rs 90 crore. A big problem for us was that my producers were Vishnu Induri ji and Shailesh Singh ji. Together they made a decision that theaters made us. We have to support those who run millions of families.

    He turned down many digital exclusive offers. But, we didn’t know that we wouldn’t just get theatrical support. To recover the cost of our film in Hindi, we got only 2 weeks time. That is, the theater accepts. According to the contract of the theater, there is a contract of at least 4 weeks. In Hindi, I understand that there are some excuses. But, in the South Indian film industry, our films are made in 3 languages. But, our film multiplex is not being released there either. He is naming some big banners. In the name of Yash Raj and saying that we will not allow it, he will not allow it.

    ‘I want to ask him one thing that you are killing individual producers in the guise of one or two studios. Tomorrow, if people don’t come to the theater, they will apply for a contract. Won’t these studios boycott him? I think the owners of multiplexes should get out of gangs and groupism and try to bring people to multiplexes.

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