Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    Inside Kannada actress Ranjani Raghavan’s Portugal diary

    Ranjani Raghavan’s film has caught the attention of fans.

    Ranjani was photographed enjoying the streets of Porto, Portugal.

    Actress Ranjani Raghavan has created her place in the hearts of many with her captivating performances. He has proved his mettle by acting in various films and television shows including Kannadathi, Mangala Gauri Maduvey, Rajahamsa, Purnamithinkal and Ajanvi Bane Humsafar. Ranjani often stuns fans with her amazing photoshoots and snippets of exotic vacations. On the occasion of her 29th birthday, Ranjani traveled to the beautiful country of Portugal with her girl gang. He dropped several pictures from his journey on Instagram. “We are in the land of the Portuguese,” he captioned his post.

    In the picture, Ranjani Raghavan is enjoying himself on the streets of Porto, Portugal. In the first few snaps, she strikes various poses against a cityscape surrounded by colorful houses. He also took a photo standing near the famous Clerigos Church and Tower at night. Without wearing any fancy clothes, Ranjani kept her wardrobe plain and simple.

    Looks like Ranjani has tasted the fine cuisine of Portugal. In the picture, she is enjoying a rice dish with salad. He also shared glimpses of his outing by recording a video while walking down the street. The whole city is sparkling with lights. Ranjani poses in a picture with her friend. Behind them, the beautiful city of Portugal shrouded in fog.

    The pictures were quick to catch the attention of social media users, who came up with numerous reactions. One user mentioned, “Have fun… come safely to Karnataka after roaming all over Europe”. Another said, “Lovely. Enjoy your trip, hope you come back with wonderful memories and cherished life experiences. Girls travel is like therapy.” All the others’ comments went to heart.

    Ranjani Raghavan has collaborated with director Ashok Kadaba for an upcoming film titled Satyam. The official poster has been released recently. The film also stars Santosh Balraj, Avinash, Suman, Pavitra Lokesh and Sayaji Shinde.

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