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    Coming to Mumbai changed my perspective on becoming a writer: Aarti Bhatt

    New Delhi:Accomplished writer and assistant director of Uttarakhand Aarti Bhat needs no introduction today. In her career so far, she has acted in many films like Jaan Hit Main Jari, Chicken Curry Law, 100 Dresses and Bhagat Raho. His career has been excellent so far. But why did Aarti only dream of becoming a writer? After all, what was so special that he thought of making a career out of it? Let’s find out in Aarti Bhatt’s own words.

    While working with renowned television writer Raghubir Shekhawat, he met a Pocket FM writer who encouraged him to try his hand at audio series. His passion for writing in Hindi is clearly visible in his work. He has produced several hit shows including the popular series Ziya Dhadak Dhadak.

    From Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter’s love, moving in with a friend, four broken relationships to a failed marriage, the actor’s funny story

    In a conversation with News18 Hindi, when Aarti was asked how she came up with the idea of ​​pursuing a career in writing, the author said, ‘In my time where I come from, there was very little thought about girls becoming doctors or engineers. used to go From the beginning, I liked to see articles and stories, I thought that one day I will write them too. But I was also scared after reading about many writers, some are struggling financially, some don’t have a home. But when I came to Mumbai I saw that the writer’s life is very good.

    How did your parents react to you becoming a writer? In response, Aarti said, ‘She came to Mumbai to support him. But at that time he also did not know much about this profession. But today when someone hears that your daughter is a writer, they are very proud of me.

    People do not take the writing profession very seriously. Have you ever encountered this thing? When asked, he said, ‘Unless a writer is famous, no one takes him seriously. Earn very well until they do. I would like to thank Pocket FM for this thing which is giving me a very good opportunity and many other writers are very happy to write for Pocket FM.

    The story about Machoman is often preferred in cinema. In such situations, mail writers are mostly contacted. How do you see the importance of women writers in this situation? He explains, ‘If we forget to keep the soul of a story while writing it, then the audience will not connect with it. Don’t just write. A writer has to express his feelings in his own words. Because the reader will only be able to connect with your feelings that you want to convey to him through your writing. I don’t think he would be a hit if he was written by a mail writer or a female writer, it’s very important for the writer to have that feeling.

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