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    Bidhu Binod Chopra Birthday Splur: When Bidhu Binod Chopra played a 2 minute role to save money himself

    Mumbai. Famous producer-director Bidhu Binod Chopra was born on 1 September 1952 in Srinagar to make a great film. Born into a Punjabi family, Bidhu has seen the Kashmir Valley problem since childhood. Glimpses of her are often seen in her films. Sharing her pain over the situation in Kashmir, Bidhu Binod Chopra once said, ‘My house has been robbed. My mother had to leave the kingdom overnight. My brother was attacked with a knife.

    When Bidhu made ‘Mission Kashmir’, she tried to film a lot about what she felt and felt in Kashmir terrorism. Bidhu Binod is also a writer. They can also be called actors because there was a cult classic film ‘Jane We Do Yaro’. In this film he played the role of Dushasan for 2 minutes. There is also a funny story behind it.

    Bidhu Binod Chopra is also an actor
    When Kundan Shah thought of making the film ‘Jane V Do Yaro’, he got Rs 7 lakh from the National Film Development Corporation (NDFC). But how the film was made on such a low budget, Kundan requested Pankaj Kapoor, Nina Gupta, Satish Kaushik, Nasiruddin Shah and Om Puri to work for less money. Everyone was friends with the NDFC, so they got ready. Nasiruddin did not take any money and gave his camera for the photo shoot.

    Dushasan became an actor claiming Rs 2,000 in the shooting
    Bidhu Binod Chopra was the production controller in this film, keeping a complete account of the expenses. One day, while the Mahabharata scene was being shot during the shooting of the climax of the film, Dushasan became an actor and started asking for Rs 2,000. He agreed to work with the widow for five hundred rupees, but he was adamant that he would not shoot for less than two thousand rupees. The difficulty was that there was no money or time. Bidhu did not look at him, he himself reached the setup of Dushasan’s getup. Everyone was shocked to see him but the shooting started. Thus the actor’s stamp was also found.

    Bidhu Binod Chopra made the film out of the box
    Bidhu Binod Chopra has made great films like ‘PK’, ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Shikara, Parinda, ‘1942 Love Story’, ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Sanju’. He won awards for ‘1942 Love Story’ and ‘3 Idiots’. Bidhu makes films that entertain as well as convey a message to the audience. Recently, during the Corona period, he again tried to give a message from his film ‘Three Idiots’.

    Bidhu Binod Chopra also entertained and gave a message with ‘3 Idiots’. (Photo credit: vidhuvinodchoprafilms / Imstagram)

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    Bidhu Binod Chopra’s personal life
    Bidhu Binod Chopra is the honest brother of famous producer-director Ramananda Sagar. The bride is married to three. The first marriage was to film editor Renu Saluja, but the marriage did not last long and the two divorced. After that Shabnam got married to Sukhdev for the second time. This relationship did not work either. Bidhu is currently living with his third wife Anupam Chopra.

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