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    34 years of cough: Vinod Khanna refused to work after hearing the story of ‘cough’

    ‘Kash’, directed by renowned producer-director Mahesh Bhatt, was released on September 4, 1987. It is said about this film that Mahesh told the story of the life of superstar Rajesh Khanna. Jackie Shroff and Dimple Kapadia star in the lead roles. Although Jackie hit the film with his extraordinary performance, Mahesh wanted to take Vinod Khanna for the lead role in the film, but as soon as Vinod heard the story of the film, he stopped working on the film.

    Mahesh wanted to replace Binod Khanna with Jackie Shroff
    Films based on emotional drama are often hits and the directors also capture the pulse of the audience and capture the emotion very well. Mahesh Bhatt is an expert in such industries. Who has gifted many great pictures to Bollywood, but his picture ‘Kash’ was a superhit memorable picture. Everything from the story of this film to the music was so awesome that the audience could not forget even today. It is said that Mahesh had a sincere desire to make a film about Binod Khanna. The story was ready too, but when Vinod found out after hearing the story that there is this film on the life of superstar Rajesh Khanna, he refused to act. He did not like to play the role of Rajesh on screen. Under such circumstances, Mahesh bet on Jackie Shroff, who was not considered a serious actor at the time.

    Jackie Shroff and Dimple Kapadia were the lead actors in ‘Kash’. (Photo credit: Cinema N Memories / Twitter)

    The music of ‘Kash’ is awesome
    Rajesh Roshan composed the music for ‘Kash’. The songs sung by Kishore Kumar in ‘Kash’ captivated the minds of the people, but the sad thing is that he passed away just a month after the release of the film. The special thing is that the famous comedy actor Mehmood also sang a song in this film. Songs like ‘O Yaara’, ‘Baad Muddat Ke Hum Tum Mile, Mudke Dekha To The Fasle’, ‘Tu Pyaran Se Hai Pyaara’ and ‘Koi Na Ye Jaane’ became hits as soon as they were released. Mehmood’s brother Anwar was also the producer of this film.

    Anupam Kher has also done a great job in the film ‘Kash’. (Photo credit: Cinema N Memories / Twitter)

    Cough story
    Jackie Shroff i.e. Ritesh is a successful film actor who produced a film for himself and lost everything. Failure leads to inability to digest alcohol addiction. Ritesh’s wife Pooja i.e. Dimple Kapadia and seven-year-old son Romi were living in the royal family. Now the situation becomes such that the puja does a job of running the house. One day when there is mischief with Pujo, save Alok i.e. Anupam Kher. When Alok drops Pujo at his house, Ritesh takes it the wrong way. There is a lot of quarrel between the two. Ritesh tells him to choose between job and home. In such a situation Puja leaves the house for his identity. There is a dispute over the custody of son Romi. Meanwhile, one day it is learned that son Romy has a brain tumor with only a short time left in his life. After that, the story gets so emotional that even the audience sitting in the auditorium is forced to say ‘cough’.

    Master Makrand won the hearts of the audience with Jackie Shroff in the film ‘Kash’. (Photo credit: Cinema N Memories / Twitter)

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    In addition to Jackie Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, Anupam Kher and child artiste Master Makrand won the hearts of the audience with their brilliant performances on the silver screen.

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