Saturday, May 21, 2022

    Snippets from the UK: The silent Modi extradition case is finally nearing completion

    Prison Options: The last game in the silent Modi extradition case is now fast approaching. The appellate court will give directions on the next and final steps in the case this week As the court observed, further argument is meaningless because whatever the Indian government says or does, the defense will say it is not good enough. Silent Modi has been in jail for almost three years. It’s a little intriguing to see his lawyers present effective arguments for prolonging his stay in prison.

    Outbreaks of ‘passing flu’: So over the past week there have been more than a million new Covid cases, mostly Omicron, although Delta hasn’t disappeared. The estimate that Omicron is slightly more likely to be infected with the flu is now being challenged by hospital admissions, which have risen by 50 percent in one week and the death toll by more than 30 percent in one week. It may still be too early to stop it as a passing flu, as most are doing in India.

    Not secure enough: Some reports from South Africa suggest that Omicron may be at the top. Britain could also be close to the top, with the number not rising dramatically from its current high, even if the numbers are significant, and the number of serious cases between them is a growing and alarming number. There are many more reasons to look nervously at the spread in India where the infection will be faster and where most people are really vulnerable despite double vaccination because it came with a relatively less effective covishield, the Indian name for AstraZeneca.

    Defamation: Some demands are being made to review the method of distribution of New Year’s honors. This year, 1,200 people have been honored on the Queen’s list. Some were obviously prominent, and some were undoubtedly controversial, at least not Tony Blair’s Nightingale. The practice is to send nominations to a committee which then goes through them. Many people do something that can win a recognition, and then lobby hard to get nominated to succeed.

    Visa Row: Immigration fears are re-emerging in Britain ahead of the start of India-UK trade talks later this month. The Daily Mail hints at the possibility that a growing number of Indians could come and live in Britain and work under what the UK is expected to offer. An easy visa for Indian professionals to work in the UK is an unexpectedly strong demand from India.

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