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    One, Orangutan, died at the San Diego Zoo at the age of 26

    SAN DIEGO: A male orangutan at the San Diego Zoo in Satu died Wednesday. He was 26 years old.

    The zoo announced Satu’s death on social media on Thursday, saying the cause of Orangutan’s death could be linked to cancer.

    Satu was under veterinary care for a serious illness, the zoo said, but collapsed and could not be revived.

    The zoo calls Satu a favorite of many apes and charismatic primates. Other details were not immediately available.

    Satu was born in 1995 at the zoo. She gave birth to two children, a man named Cinta and a woman named Ayesha.

    Satu was known to be patient, curious, attractive and sensitive. The zoo said in a statement that it would be greatly missed by wildlife care specialists, medical teams, volunteers and guests.

    After Satu’s death, the zoo now has three orangutans, Ayesha, Karen and Indah, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Bruno, a male orangutan, died at the Los Angeles Zoo earlier this month at the age of 42. In the jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia, there are three endangered species of orangutans, all of which are critically endangered.

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