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    At least 36 people have been killed in a fire at a packed ferry in Bangladesh

    At least 36 people were killed and at least 200 injured when a packed three-story ferry carrying about 500 passengers caught fire on the Sugandha River in southern Bangladesh on Friday, officials said, adding that the deltaic country had crossed the border in the latest maritime tragedy. By the river

    The engine room of the Barguna-bound MV Abhijan-10, which started its journey from Dhaka, caught fire around 3 am (local time) on Friday.

    Authorities have recovered at least 36 charred bodies after a passenger launch caught fire on the Sugandha River in Jhalokati, 250 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka, the Dhaka Tribune reported. More than 200 people were burned in the blaze. They are currently being treated at a local hospital, the report said, citing launch administration, police and fire service personnel.

    The death toll is expected to rise as more passengers are injured. Jhalokati Deputy Commissioner Johar Ali said rescuers had so far recovered 36 bodies from the burnt launch. According to the fire service control room, reported that 72 of the injured have been admitted to the hospital.

    The blaze lasted for about three hours and many passengers jumped into the river desperately to save their lives. Survivors say the launch was full of passengers. Kamal Uddin Bhuiyan, deputy director of the Barisal Fire Service, which led the response, said they suspected a fire might have started in the engine room of the launch.

    Upon receiving the news, 15 units of the fire service led by Kamal Uddin Bhuiyan, Deputy Director, Fire Service and Civil Defense, Barisal Division went to the spot at 3:50 am and brought the fire under control at 5:20 am. Statement of service control room. “The engine room of the launch suddenly caught fire around 3:00 am and the ship quickly spread as it approached the Gabkhan Bridge,” said Saidur Rahman, a survivor, quoting the Daily Star.

    “There were about 500 passengers, including children and the elderly. Many of them jumped into the river and swam ashore,” he said. “I smelled a burn and came out of the VIP cabin to find out that there was a fire. Me, my wife and brother-in-law then jumped into the cold water and swam to the bank,” he added.

    An investigation will be launched to find out the cause of the fire and the extent of damage. The accident was the latest in a series of similar incidents in Bangladesh, a small country crossed by a network of about 230 rivers of various shapes and sizes. These streams cover about 7 percent of the total area of ​​the country.

    An overloaded speedboat driven by an inexperienced minor boy capsized in Bangladesh after colliding with a sand-laden ship in May this year, killing at least 26 people. In June last year, a ferry carrying more than 100 passengers sank in the Buriganga River in Bangladesh after being pushed from behind by another ferry, killing at least 32 people.

    In February 2015, an overcrowded ship collided with a cargo ship, killing at least 78 people.


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