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    Trolled with white hair at Tarak Mehta’s daughter Dilip Joshi’s wedding, the actor gave a great answer

    Dilip Joshi’s daughter Niyati, who played the role of Jethalal in ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’, also tied the knot. Destiny Joshi got married on 11th December. Whose picture is spread on social media. There was a lot of talk about the marriage of Dilip Joshi’s daughter, but another thing that caught the attention of netizens was the hair of destiny. Destiny has been seen flirting with white hair at her wedding, for which some have praised her and some have targeted her.

    There have been various reactions to the hair of destiny through social media. Many liked the idea of ​​fate, while others were dissatisfied with their decision. Users have also trolled him on social media. This time Dilip Joshi has come out in support of his daughter and he has also stated the reason for the decision of destiny.

    Dilip Joshi said in an interview why his daughter did not hide her white hair in marriage. The actor says that the hair of destiny has never been a topic in his family or it has never been discussed.

    Destiny was seen with white hair at her wedding. (Photo Credit Instagram / akmaakasamdilipjoshi)

    He said- ‘Destiny’s hair was never the subject of our talk. Destiny’s white hair was never mentioned in our house. Because, what is right for us is right. Everyone has always taken it positively and we’re glad she did. It also inspires others. But we didn’t expect people to react that way.

    Dilip Joshi further said- ‘I believe that we should really come to the forefront of the world as we are. In the beginning people said a lot for destiny. But, he prefers to be low-profile. But it is also true that we cannot control social media. His move has also inspired people, which is a good thing.

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